40 More Things From The Late ’90s That Women Now Between The Ages Of 33-45 Used To Do


“OMG, I used to think that looked so cute!”—you after reading this

1. Having this…

Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

2. …or this as your go-to “fancy occasion” hairstyle:

Kmazur / WireImage

3. Speaking of fancy occasions, this shoe was the one you wore to everything from weddings and school dances, to date nights and BBQs:


4. Owning a boombox that looked like this and putting in on the floor whenever you listened to CDs (’cause it allowed you to spread out all your music and look at the liner notes):


5. Scheduling little things into your daily planner (even if you didn’t really need to, but it made you feel oh-so-grown-up):

Mark Peterson / Getty Images

6. Fighting with your sibling(s) over who got the last of what flavor (usually Kiwi Strawberry) of Snapple:

Dick Loek / Getty Images

7. Rocking pleather jackets (that looked fake AF) in pastel and metallic colors:

Kmazur / WireImage

8. Being obsessed with Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart,” and also the dress she wore in the video — which you wanted as your prom dress:

Toni Braxton/ youtube.com

9. Or wanting the two-piece dress (a tank and ballgown skirt) as your prom dress:

Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

10. Taking a bunch of YM and Seventeen magazine quizzes with your friends during sleepovers (ahh, those pre-internet days):

Mark Peterson / Getty Images

11. Crushing on Trent from Daria, BIG TIME and feeling conflicted ’cause he was not only a little bit of a loser, but also a CARTOON:


12. Wearing toe rings whenever you wore open sandals or flip flops:


13. Wearing both mocha-ish eyeshadow and lipstick (and usually at the same time):

Frank Trapper / Getty Images

14. Using lots and lots of frosted eye shimmer whenever you wanted to do a “going out” look:

Jaime French / youtube.com
15. Accessorizing your “going out” look with a pashmina:

Frank Trapper / Getty Images

16. Pretending to be someone else and going into random chat rooms to just lurk and pass the time:


17. Being obsessed with Bonne Bell’s Flip Shades and having several shades of them (but, mostly mocha colors):


18. Also being obsessed with The Body Shop’s lip glosses…

South China Morning Post / South China Morning Post via Get

19. …and hemp body lotions:


20. Owing several leopard or cheetah print accessories:

Abc Photo Archives / Getty Images

21. Wearing lots of stonewashed denim:

Mark Peterson / Getty Images

22. And wearing very wide-legged carpenter pants:


23. Thinking about these Herbal Essences commercials any time you used it in the shower:


24. Wearing fugly tops that were a mesh-mash of patterns:

Getty Images

25. Wearing sheer tops (with a tank underneath) whenever you wanted a sophisticated, “grown-up” look:

Jim Smeal / WireImage

26. And finishing your “grown-up” look with a faux satin Chinese take-out purse:


27. Having Curve as your signature “special occasions” perfume:


28. Wearing dragonfly hair clips — that hurt and were kinda heavy:


29. Decorating your room with a rice paper floor lamp…


30. …or a lava lamp, that would burn the hell out of you if you touched it while it was on:


31. Saving a bunch VHS tapes of taped TV shows that you told your family not to tape over, ’cause you were going to watch it again (which you usually didn’t):

Twitter: @ecyhr21

32. Being super careful taking pics with the Polaroid i-Zone ’cause the film was expensive, so you need to make sure the photo would come out perfect:


33. Wearing embroidered jeans, that were cut so short they were basically pedal pushers:


34. Owning a threaded pen with your name on it (that you usually got while on vacation somewhere):


35. Making sure you got a brand-new pack of Milky Gel Pens whenever you went back-to-school shopping with your parents:


36. Learning A LOT about sex while watching Loveline on MTV (also listening to it on the radio):

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

37. Being obsessed with everything about Ever After and wanting the ball look as your Halloween costume:

20th Century Fox

38. Wearing these EXACT platform sandals all summer:


39. Begging your parents for one of these phones and your own personal line:


40. And finally, arguing with your friend over who would sing the “Brandy parts” and the “Monica parts” when you guys would sing along to “The Boy Is Mine”:












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